If you are looking to communicate your business favourably to stakeholders, investors or potential customers then we can help you. To date Jaypeg has contributed in helping our corporate clients win contracts valuing over £200 million.


We class Corporate Communication as anything that a business will use to communicate to stakeholders, partners, investors or other businesses. This can be in a marketing capacity or more likely as a sales effort. 

Our most common type of corporate document would be during a Tender process where companies are invited to bid for work. During this time we would work closely with the team and extract key points that need punctuating in the form of a key visual or a diagram.

When delivering a presentation, it is essential that any complex ideas or processes are communicated quickly so these documents tend to be very visual.


  • Contract Bidding

  • Sales Presentation

  • Financial Reporting

  • Sales & Marketing


The challenges that surface during a bid tender process are commonplace. Time is never onside and the creativity that can help present your tender can be overlooked. By getting us in early, we can work alongside your team and ensure that all of your hard work is presented with as much thought as the package you are putting in place.

Our Corporate Services are flexible and we can either work onsite in your offices or remotely from our studio.


The software used can vary but where the team is fairly large, we stick to common applications such as PowerPoint or Keynote, this ensures that the documents retain editability as normally there are many iterations before the final deadline. If time allows, we will work in Adobe InDesign.

This is favourable as we can introduce a high quality visual style which can be used either in future Print or digital outputs. On recent projects we have produced a summarised document in the form of an Interactive PDF (iPDF). These are proving very popular as we create these with the busy executive in mind and so can be opened on any mobile device. 

In additional to digital outputs we can also supply more traditional products such as exhibition stands and print work. We have many examples of projects, please get in touch for our credentials.


Our branding expertise can be put to good use on corporate communications. We always try and simplify a pitch into a single idea and create a simple powerful image. This image will then flow through all of the work.

Where there are multiple businesses tendering for one contract, this can be the difference between being remembered or not.


  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Prezi Presentations
  • Word Documents
  • Interactive PDF’s
  • Traditional Print Documents
  • Microwebsites


We would love to hear from you to see how we can help. Get in touch with us today.