We have been serving start-ups and entrepreneurs in Somerset and around the UK with professional logo design and brand identity services since 2005.

Why is it so important to have a good logo design?

Your logo design says everything someone needs to know about your business in an instant. It is your identity; it represents your core values, services and products you offer.

Our process

If you are in need of a new logo design or you have logo you would like to update then we can help.

Over the years we have sharpened our skills and design process to help small businesses and start-ups achieve the perfect logo for their business.


Step 1. Choose your package

We have a range of 3 simple and affordable packages for you to choose from. Basic, Plus and Pro; The packages include a logo and a range of brand identity products and guidelines. The logo design packages have been created to make it easy for you, it is clear from the outset what you will receive and how this will help your business to move onto a professional level and separate you from your competitors.

The packages are aimed at start-ups, entrepreneurs and companies looking to improve their existing brand.


Step 2. The Creative Brief

Once you have chosen the best logo design package for your business it is then time to give us your brief. It might be that you already have a logo in mind or that you have a colour palette that you’d like us to use.

We will provide you will a few questions to make sure you get the best logo design possible for your business. Things like; company details, design preferences, target audience and delivery times.

We are always happy to chat over the phone or meet up to go through the creative brief. We are local to Wells in Somerset but always happy to travel – a lot of our clients are in based all over the UK and some are in the US.


Step 3. The Design Process

When we have gathered all the information in the creative brief stage we then start the logo design process. We follow a process that ensures the final design meets your needs – we are experts in visual communication and very good at understanding creative briefs.

We use a variety of methods when creating a new logo. We are big believers in sketching; it helps evoke the imagination and sometimes it can be easier to sketch an idea and then re-create it on a computer.

We will come up with 3-4 concepts for your new logo based on everything you have told us and the package you choose.


Step 4. Presentation

We will always try and present you with your new logo ideas in person as this is the best way to see and understand your reactions to them. If this is not possible then we will present them to you digitally in .pdf format.

At this stage we usually present 3-6 logos. They can either be in Greyscale, black and white or colour. This will depend on the brief. When the logo design package dictates it we will provide real-world mock ups of your logo – this is a great way to see how your colour palette is working or how your new design will work in the marketplace.


Step 5. Finishing Touches and Tweaks

When you have chosen your new logo design we will then iron out any final tweaks and changes you have. It is very important to us that you receive the logo you want – we will never force our ideas onto you. You have to listen to your gut instincts and no one knows your business like you.

We then prepare your new logo in various industry standard formats, such as .pdfs, jpegs, .pngs, .ai and .eps files. You will then be ready to use your logo in various places in the marketplace.

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Are you looking to give your new business a proper Kick-Start?

If so then we have the perfect package for you. We offer a small business kick-start package that includes a new professional logo design, a business card design, a letterhead design, an invoice design, a quote design, one years free domain and hosting, an email account and a one-page responsive website for just £749!