Grow your business with aerial film and photography.

Jaypeg have Civil Aviation Authority permission for commercial drone flights. For you this means you can relax knowing you are in capable hands.



We use the very latest in Drone technology to create bird’s eye footage of the property from the best viewpoint.

Some properties benefit from being situated in amongst paddock or pastureland and only an aerial photograph can put the property into context. Similarly if there is an impressive landmark, coastline or building close-by then an aerial shot will capture this.

We take our drone operations very seriously. We have specialist insurance and have Permission for Commercial Operations from the Civil Aviation Authority.

Benefits of Aerial Photography:

  • Aerial photography is a visually impressive addition, and so gives your property an advantage over competitors.
  • Aerial photographs have entertainment value and therefore have an increased chance of being shared online, having the potential to reach a larger audience.
  • An aerial view of a property can also be useful for building surveys during construction, demolition works or even to evaluate storm damages.
  • Can be used to create records for before and after construction works.