McIntosh DBR is a luxury building contractor.  Their existing brand image was telling an outdated story and was out of step with their current projects.  They needed a new logo that would represent the larger, more sophisticated company they had become.  As part of this new growth they are launching a new sister company McIntosh Plumbing and Heating and so this new logo needed to form a larger brand that would umbrella the new plumbing business and others in the future.


Our first meeting with any new client is very important and is an opportunity for us to fully understand the history and challenges of the business.  McIntosh DBR do a lot of work with Babington House, part of the Soho House group, so it seemed fitting to have our initial meeting in the bar that Mcintosh DBR had renovated. McIntosh DBR have many projects going on all over the South West so we came up with system to maintain a good work flow. Their team already worked with TeamViewer, Dropbox and Skype so we decided these would be the best tools for the job.


We have designed a package system for all of our services which makes it very easy for busy people to see where we can help. McIntosh DBR chose our Pro+ Brand Package which is a great way of developing a new brand identity and then rolling it out across an entire business. All of the essential items are considered and everything is designed at this stage; business cards for all key members of the team, along with individual email footers, vehicle livery and site signage.

McIntosh DBR use Microsoft Office 365 so we developed a suite of templates that they can use to deliver a consistent brand message to their clients.  We used TeamViewer to connect with key team members and provided tutorials on anything they needed assistance with.


McIntosh DBR required a website which would fulfil their needs; projects needed to be easily showcased and content needed to be added by different members of staff.

We understood that people are busy and the thought of setting aside several hours to write content is a tall order so McIntosh DBR chose our Pro+ Web Package which includes all written content. By writing the content ourselves, we ensured that the content would assist in any future SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and included keywords and phrases we established during our keyword research.


The result is a business with a new visual identity and website that is modern, responsive and showcases the standard of work they produce and the expertise they have from many years of experience. Their portfolio of projects is easily visible and the content can easily be updated by different members of staff. We are currently promoting the McIntosh DBR website with our Platinum Local SEO package and continue to build the McIntosh Plumbing and Heating website. Early signs indicate a 50% rise in web visitors and longer visits to the site.


In-depth discussions with Jaypeg highlighted that our portfolio was misaligned with our Company website. With their focus and help we coupled the two together and now have a new visual identity and an excellent website. We continue to work with Jaypeg and their input provides an essential focus on the marketing activities of our business.

Geoff Sharp, Director

You can visit their website here;