Probusiness are plain speaking accountants based in Somerset who make life easier for companies of all sizes in all locations. They have a reputation for offering a high quality, tailored service regardless of the turnover or complexity of their clients’ businesses.


We were approached to provide some new concepts for a series of ads.

Probusiness have a large and very happy client list and it was felt that the current advertising was failing to get this message across. Probusiness see themselves as very people oriented and wanted this message to be clear whilst avoiding the cliched financical services approach of advertising.


Probusiness have a long history in helping their clients business’ grow. We were keen to have a human element in the advertising and we pitched the idea of using each ad as a Testimonial.

We focussed on a selection of businesses which have benefitted from the core services that Probuiness offer, by attaching some real world examples we were keen to attract similar businesses at various growth stages.